Project roadmap

Here are some of the planned features we have in mind to improve thumbsmith.

Framework and CMS integration plugins

We plan to create integration plugins for popular frameworks / environments for tighter, even easier integrations.

  • Wordpress: Full integration with template editing from the WP admin
  • Shopify (To evaluate possible plugin integrations, ideally match WP)
  • Even easier integrations for:

    • React
    • Vue
    • Angular
    • Svelte
    • Eleventy
    • Many more!
Group templates by projects

We want to give you the possibility of creating "Projects", which will let you group templates together by project, which will have it's own "namespace".

Template engine customizations

Currently, we only support the mustache template engine, but we plan on letting the users chose their prefered engine out of the popular ones:

Advanced authentication

Integrate OAuth providers:

  • Github
  • Google
  • Possibly more
SPA support for with URL "shortening" service

If your app can't do SSR, you will be able to use this "URL shortner" that will render the correct meta tags server-side before redirecting to your page.

Community-sourced blueprints

We want to allow users to optionnally share their templates as "Blueprints" so they can be used as a "Starter template" by the rest of the thumbsmith community.

Contact us for more info!